The study of the relationship between acupuncture and brain reaction of the individuals as a possible solution to their treatment of impaired cognitive states of the individual.
Experimental goal
The experiment is aiming to assess the brain activity of various participants belonging to various age groups and with different physical composition. Data would allow to understand the brain activity and emotional stance of the individual in the process of acupuncture treatment.

One must consider multiple parameters/variables as part of the measurements. These include age, nationality, gender, physical condition of the participant, weight, lifestyle, eating habits, illnesses, day and time of the response inhibition tasks, etc

Brain parts to be studies

Considering the mass reaction of the brain on acupuncture one will have to study on the whole brain to record the neural responses that will appear to acupuncture procedures. The whole brain must be considered with the recording of specific responses. One must consider the cerebrum (frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes), pons, hypothalamus, thalamus, cerebellum, optic tectum, hippocampus, and the basal ganglia.


Men and women from the age of 50+ with different physique and food habits, divided into various categories according to their age, gender, nationality, gender, physical condition of the participant, weight, lifestyle, eating habits, illnesses, from any part of the world.

Data required on each participant

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Physical status
  • Illnesses (if any)

Stimuli and experiment design

  • Participants who are divided into different groups in according to their weight following online response inhibition tasks
  • Recording of the response inhibition tasks with exact timestamps to be provided along with fNIR recording
Experiment relevance
The relevance and validity of this research is proven by previous research, with the latest studies written in the past three years. Analysing the functional near-infrared neuroimaging (fNIR) scanning responses of 12 elderly individuals

  • Ghafoor et al. (2019) have noted a significant p<0.01 score of the functional connectivity in the prefrontal cortex analysing the working memory of these individuals. As a result, Ghafoor et al. (2019) have concluded that acupuncture treatment is highly beneficial in evoking significant responses in the prefrontal cortex, which is highly beneficial for further studies and even clinical tests.
  • In a meta study accomplished by Tian et al. (2021) it is clear that traditional Chinese medicine in general and acupuncture has begun to be studied closer in the past 20 years, yet there are still many gaps that require closer study and scientific grounding.

    The meta study provides multiple hypothesis, some of which have been proven, yet many others that require a closer analysis and possible repetition (Tian et al., 2021).

  • Zhang et al., (2022) have attempted this focusing on tinnitus applying methods of Chinese medicine as the backbone of their research as a means to ease the effect of the problem.
  • As a result, we see a placebo-control and some objective outcomes, such as fNIR as the main direction of further development for the design of future full-scale RCT. All these scholars are studying the application of methods of Chinese medicine on the present-day problems utilizing the technologies that are readily available for application.  Acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Modern research confirms the effectiveness of this method. The brain perceives signals from the impact of needles on active points and converts them into signals aimed at maintaining the balance of all body systems. However, this hypothesis needs to be confirmed and clinically tested.

VR goggles with hand controllers

Any screen with recorded practice

(TV, laptop, pad, phone)

Senso gloves

NIRSport (NIRx Medical Technologies, Berlin, Germany)

Equipment control
  1. Experiment to be conducted at special facility where equipment will be provided
  2. Participant should register here to participate
  3. Participant should put glove, VR and NIRSport and follow VR App commands
  4. Each experiment is payed separately

This experiment does not set its goal on focusing on medical class research. This is intended foremost for big data collection in order to test various hypothesis. Upon confirmation of hypothesis, it is imperative to conduct licensed and valid in-hospital tests to re-confirm the obtained statistical result

Research business impact

Addressable business

  • Wearables with software customized to the wearer’s specific health condition.
  • Acupuncture sessions with scientific grounding of its efficient application.
  • Medical rehabilitation

Research translation: how we generate income for ecosystem and our donors

  • Licensing wearables developers with new algorithms
  • Licensing of acupuncture sessions with scientific proof and custom-tailored to each particular client
  • Development and sales of devices to manage the control of the individual’s condition with a particular focus on acupuncture as a suggested treatment path