Sustainable Crypto Investing 4.0

February 13, 2018 | London, Andaz Hyatt

World Leaders Rethink Finance

Talking Sustainability and Crypto Technologies

On February 13, 2018 the Sustainable Crypto & Investing brings to London the world’s leading financiers, fintech experts, ICO & blockchain entrepreneurs, investment funds and family offices.

Our goal is to expand understanding of challenges in the area of money and finance during the 4th industrial revolution. Is it time to invest and apply new financial technologies or we should think harder?

How to align money, finance and taxation to the globalised one-village world of easy travel and instant online access? Can governments and community efficiently rule the processes of ICO and coin circulation? What range of issues can be solved with blockchain? Are bitcoin and ethereum a viable replacement for dollar dominance?

We consider successful blockchain applications to insurance, trading, currencies, luxury ownership and biotechnology.

Join our initiative of making our finance and society a better place!

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Who's Speaking?

James Canton

James Canton

futurist, author, CEO and Chairman

Institute for Global Futures (USA)

Gabriel Abed

Gabriel Abed

Founder & CEO

Bitt (Barbados)

Michael Golomb

Michael Golomb

Managing Partner

ICO Governance Foundation (USA)

Ekaterina Anthony

Ekaterina Anthony

ICO & Fund Consultant

FIMVESTECH Zurich/Zug (Switzerland)

Tim Enneking

Tim Enneking

Managing Director

Crypto Asset Management Fund (USA)

Michele Curtoni

Michele Curtoni

Strategy Manager Global Technology Innovation

London Stock Exchange (UK)

Avi Roy

Avi Roy

Chief Technology Officer

Bioviva Science (UK)

Marin Livadaru

Marin Livadaru


Longevity Impact Foundation (Switzerland)

Ondrej Pilny

Ondrej Pilny

Co-Founder and CEO (Czech Republic)

Federico Taranto

Federico Taranto

Environment & Technology (The Netherlands)

Program | December 9, 2017


Global & Regulation

1Registration & Welcome Coffee 10:00AM
2Keynote AddressJames Canton 11:00AM
3Panel DiscussionJames Canton , Tim Enneking , Michele Curtoni , Avi Roy


Blockchain Section

1Lowering risks in venture investments via assured consensusAvi Roy 2:00PM
2Loyalty system for insurance and wellnessMarin Livadaru 2:30PM
3Binary utility tokens3:00PM
4Rating crypto-commodities by energy & resource consumptionFederico Taranto 3:30 PM
5Coffee Break4:30PM


Regulation Section

1Legal Set-up and Risk Management of Crypto Asset Management Tim Enneking 4:30PMParterre Hall
2ICO Guidelines and Self-RegulationOndrej Pilny 5:00PM
3ICO Registration Standard, SEC-compliant. Michael Golomb 5:30PM
4Why Switzerland? Shaping a efficient ICO & FinTech regulation'Ekaterina Anthony 6:00PM
5Networking Dinner (limited access)7:30

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Travel Information

Venue TBC

Oxford University
Oxford OX1, 2JD
Great Britain


Fast direct buses from Heathrow airport (ca. £25 round trip) depart every 30 min. and after 80-90 min. stop right in the centre of Oxford at Oxford Gloucester Green, bay 7. Direct every-hour bus from Gatwick takes 2 hours 30 min. Direct every-hour train from Birmingham and Southhampton airports. Oxford City centre is not car friendly.