Sustainable Crypto Investing 4.0

March 29, 2018 | London, Andaz Hyatt

World Leaders Rethink Finance

in the heart of London Financial City

SCI-2018 is bringing together the world’s leading financiers, banks, fintech experts, ICO & blockchain entrepreneurs, investment professionals and cryptofunds.

The agenda will comprise the most discussed fintech dilemmas of 2017-2018:

  • Traditional vs. decentralised. New currency matrix of P2P and fiat money.
  • Governance and self-regulation.
  • State taxation, purchase parity and dollar dominance in the global-village world.
  • Currency, asset or loyalty tokens?
  • ICO, VC, crowdfunding and IPO.
  • Headsprings vs Deadends in the fintech applications. 

Join our initiative of shaping the asset management, banking and finance in the era of the 4th industrial revolution!

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Who's Speaking?

James Canton
James Canton
futurist, author, CEO and Chairman
Dr. James Canton is a renowned global futurist, social scientist, author, and visionary business advisor. As a former Apple ...
Michael Golomb
Michael Golomb
Managing Partner
Ex-CFO of BitFury, Breathometer and Sistema-Hals estate development, entrepreneur and Resident Mentor at 500Startups ...
Avi Roy
Avi Roy
Ringleader, Oxford University Scientific Society
Founder, Big Data Science in Medicine Conference Chief Technology Officer, BioViva USA Inc Founder & Editor, The Longevity ...
Ondrej Pilny
Ondrej Pilny
Co-Founder and CEO
Young crypto entrepreneur of Czech origin. Upon graduation for Mendel University in Brno, Ondřej Pilný entered a nice upward ...
Federico Taranto
Federico Taranto
Environment & Technology
Born in Pescara, Italy, Federico grew up watching internet revolution, started connecting through 56K and eagerly learned ...

Programme | March 29, 2018


Global & Regulation

1Registration & Welcome Coffee 08:30AM
2Welcome Speech08:55AM
3Keynote address: Blockchain Economy, new value system for the planeJames Canton 09:00AM
4Fintech and investments in figures09:30PM
5Money Matriх. Thoughts on blockchain, cryptocoins and state currencies living together10:00AM
6Compliance checklist. Suitable jurisdictions for various fintech aspects.10:30AM
7Coffee break11:00AM
8Challenges for traditional banking11:30AM
10MASTER CLASS: Take your chance in the Decentralised: how to open a coin wallet, finance, trade and buy ICO12:45AM


Investing 4.0

1The best will survive: IPO, ICO, venture funds, crowdfunding and direct investments.1:30PM
2Reshaping of the venture capital industry.2:10PM
3Lowering risks in venture investments via assured consensusAvi Roy 2:40PM
4Pandora box of ICO. What projects deserve ICO? Compete to implement3:00 PM
5Blockchain best practice #1. Asset collaterisation with blockchain. 3:20PM
6Blockchain best practice #1. Asset collaterisation with blockchain. 3:40PM
7Coffee break4:00PM


Distributed Ledger Insights

1ICO best practice #14:30PMParterre Hall
2ICO best practice #24:50PM
3Security and storage of cryptodata. ETH vs EOS vs WAVES5:10PM
4Crypto assets energy ratingFederico Taranto 5:40PM

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