With $SCI

Give to charity and get
some money back

More impact public goods have, more crypto you get back.
Scaling efficiency of donations with web3!


SCI coin is the web3 solution. SCI is a quadratic debt, crypto currency to fund and capitalize public good project that get traction.
SCI allows donors to earn some money back, while making charity more economically sustainable.

Web3 is need for government-less money creation, decentralized exchange, and anti-corruption solution.
$SCI tokenomics is based on the concept of continues impact measrument, efficiecny improvement.
SCI mission is to irredicate free raider problem, unlocking the prosperity of commons & public good.

1. For miners

Mine, validate data and earn crypto rewards

2. For investors

Fund the next breakthrough & arbitrage SCI coin 

3. For developers

Access funding & technolgy  and big data needed for your public good project

Reliable Partners

Academic Collaborators

We collaborate with serious and prestigious universities

Swiss Federal University of Technology in Zurich

Natinal University of Singapore
Mohamed bin Zayed University